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A letter from adoptive parents

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Around 3 years ago we decided we would love to have another baby and that we wanted to adopt. Our social worker was from PROCARE. She was amazing from day one.
We spend time together and got all the paperwork done and then the process began. After about 4 months we got the call “your baby is ready”! We were so excited and so nervous! The PROCARE team were there all the way for us. Our baby was placed and our journey had begun.
I simply do not have the words to describe how blessed we felt and how she was just right for us. We decided she needed a sister so we contacted PROCARE again who yet again handled everything so beautifully and professionally. We received our second beautiful daughter.
A couple of months ago we made the call to PROCARE again as we felt one more little girl would complete our family. They were extremely helpful as usual; we spend time together and the result, our third beautiful daughter.
PROCARE has been amazing through this whole process. They were extremely professional and understanding of our needs.
For a couple interested in adopting it’s so important to deal with the right people from day one who will be honest and open as well as committed to helping and facilitating the whole process.
We found someone like that in PROCARE. Thank you to this wonderful team! We would highly recommend them,



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