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PROCARE’s Response to the Adoption Outcry Article

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CEO, Elsabe Engelbecht has commented on PROCARE’s Adoption policy in this regard

In our opinion the only valid criteria for an adoption application is the best interest of the child and the ability of the prospective adoptive parents to take good care of the child. Most adoption agencies (including PROCARE) have certain criteria in place for the screening of prospective adoptive parents. At PROCARE we inform all applicants that we have recommended requirements that serve as guidelines for our Social workers when selecting suitable adoptive parents.  If applicants do not meet the requirements, the individual merit of the application will always be taken into consideration, bearing in mind that the best interest of the adoptable child should be served.  We will never turn applicants away unless our application list is closed or if they do not meet legal requirements such as Police clearance. Applicants can also be turned away if for instance the motive for adoption seems suspicious or if a couple experiences serious relationship issues or if mental health or physical health,  or addictive behaviour is detected. Age can of course also be a factor, if it is clear that the adoptive parent/s will not be able to take care of the child in the long run.


PROCARE is (and has always been) one of the few Adoption agencies with no prejudice regarding sexual orientation, religion, age, marital status etc. We have placed children across the board as long as our screening indicated that the adoptive parents will provide a loving home, stability and care for the child.


If anyone has any trouble to apply for adoptions because of such prejudice, or if they have any questions or concerns in this regard, they are welcome to contact us.

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