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A positive journey together with the PROCARE team.

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Dear Reader,

By the time you are reading this you most probably know all about 10% chances, maybe a 40% chance negative results and have had a few very difficult days behind you.  But you are still keeping the faith and know that God has a great plan and many rewards for you in store.

You can crack that smile, yes, PROCARE is a company that can successfully assist you in reaching your dream for a child.  For us the road we had with PROCARE was a very positive and rewarding time, we have learnt that social workers do much more and work much harder than any of us can ever begin to think, that kangaroo care is angels in the form of human-beings taking good care of our little presents before we receive them and that biological mothers that give their child up for adoption is much more brave than any one you have ever met or any hero in any great Hollywood movie.  PROCARE takes care of every person involved in the process of adoption, you and your partner, the biological mother and most of all, the little one.

May you also enjoy a positive journey together with the PROCARE team.




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