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Our Family is now complete

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What a journey it has been… those who have been through the ups and downs of infertility will know that feeling of “will it ever happen”? The good news is, if you are with PROCARE, it WILL happen and when it does, there are no words to describe that moment when the pieces fall into place and you finally know the answer to ‘’why?”

Taking the leap of faith to adopt can be daunting. The whole process is about having faith, faith that the right baby will come to you at the right time and faith that the greater plan for our lives, which is out of our control, will be more fulfilling and rewarding than the one we had originally planned for ourselves.

The process of adoption is not always easy but the social workers at PROCARE guided us and held our hand through the tough times until the day we met our little man. We are already planning our next  journey in search of a sibling for our beautiful boy.

Brendon and Alana


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