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Where mercy triumphs over judgment and unconditional love conquers all.

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The New Life Centre offers a home to pregnant women/girls in crisis.   In the event of an unplanned pregnancy, the woman and her family go through tremendous trauma, emotional upheaval and confusion. They are often unable to see beyond their immediate circumstances and without correct counsel and support, can be forced into making decisions, which have far-reaching implications for all concerned, particularly mother and child.  The New Life Centre is far more than a place of safety, it is a place of refuge – where healing takes place.

70% of the ladies that we support choose life for their unborn babies by releasing them for adoption.  We have been in partnership with PROCARE since 1999.   Since then we have been able to assist in excess of 450 ladies make the very difficult choice of adoption.   Without PROCARE we could not function.

Tel:  +27 (0) 21 945 1765

Fax:  +27 (0) 21 949 1614


One thought on “Where mercy triumphs over judgment and unconditional love conquers all.

  1. Wow! Well done! May your future work with these ladies be blessed!
    I am sure an organisation like yours has a needs/wish list. Why not post it here? So often people have stuff they no longer use that can make a difference in someone else’s life, but because they don’t know about the need they throw it away.


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