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What it means to be a “kanga” family

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I am one of the most blessed fathers to have so many children. Small as they are, and only on loan to my family. They make our lives complete. To see them grow and develop from a tiny little bundle of love, to a smiling little person with a unique personality. Each one is super special and to know that our love and care is making a difference in their lives, and the forever parents lives, makes it all the more special. When they enter our lives they become ours and is treated and our same as our children.

It was an eye opener to see our children’s response to our first “kanga” baby and then every one after that. These babies have brought our family closer together and it is as if they have closed ranks around these babies and have become very protective over the babies. Nobody touches our family.

To make a difference in these little lives is an absolute honor and privilege and we will not change it for anything.

My prayer for these babies every day is “Lord helps me to do the best for this baby so that it will be a well adjusted little person when they leave to their for ever family”. Our lives as a “kanga” family has been enrich by the babies that have graced our home with their presence.

 Rian & Cherylee Jordaan (Kanga Dad & Mom)


It is such an incredible privilege to be a part of a “kanga” family. People often comment on how blessed these babies are, to be looked after and loved by our family, but little do they know how blessed we are to be a part of these precious lives as small as they are.

There’s no feeling that describes being able to care for and love these babies unconditionally, even when you are aware of the fact that it’s only for a short while.

I love every moment of having a temporary tiny little brother or sister to cuddle and kiss, to see them grow, see their first smile, and all the squeals and gurgles of excitement that comes with them! Who knew a little smile could make your day as much as they do!

I’m so grateful for this calling that God has placed on our lives (specifically mine), and to see how He equips us daily to handle and love His children the way He does.

As hard as it is to say goodbye when hand over time comes, I’m stoked that I get to see how God’s plan for their lives start to unfold and how he knits their hearts together with their new parents from the moment their eyes meet.

If there is one life experience I’d always treasure and never forget it would be this one. Nothing beats being a part of something so much greater!

Each baby we get to love as our own for the time being will always have a special place in my heart.

Always loved and never forgotten.

Carla Jordaan 20 (kanga sister)


When you are part of a Kanga family some days are better than others, but most of the time it’s great. For me being a “kanga” brother has taught me patience and to be more responsible. If we as a “kanga” family can help in a very small way to improve the lives of these babies and to make a forever family’s wish come true, that is all reward I need,

We do not kanga for the attention that we get or to make us feel good but our focus is to improve the lives of the babies that come into our hearts and our home.

Adrian Jordaan 16 (kanga brother)


One thought on “What it means to be a “kanga” family

  1. too awesome, as a mother who adopted our son from procare as well, we cannot begin to explain how awesome it is to know that our kids are safe and loved in the time we did not spend with them. My son came home happy and Im at peace because he was loved and felt loved since the day he was born 🙂 iits people like you that actually set the tone for the babies life 🙂 – grateful mom


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