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Blessed Parents

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My husband and I are the most blessed parents ever. After years of trying to conceive and unsuccessful fertility treatments, we decided to adopt. After being disappointed so many times, I felt like even the adoption route would probably end up in disappointment, but it was amazing that the PROCARE social worker knew exactly how I felt and she sat me down, looked me in the eyes and said to me “I need you to know, there is going to be a baby for you, this is going to happen” and it was like a heavy load was finally lifted off my shoulders, and our most perfect baby girl joined us a few months later. We were the happiest parents ever, she was perfect for us and we are totally smitten with her.

After two years, we decided that it was time for her to have a sibling and once again, the social workers at PROCARE were fantastic and made us feel so at peace that they would find the perfect match for our daughter. And they did. Her little brother joined the family, and since then we have been a really happy (and busy) little family of four. One can see the total admiration he has for his little sister and she just loves playing the older sister to him. We feel that our little family is truly a match made in heaven and we cannot thank PROCARE enough for their love and dedication through the whole process.

Our two children are everything to us and we could not have loved them more if I gave birth to them myself. I would highly recommend adoption to anyone who is struggling with infertility and I would go no other route than PROCARE.



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