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Kangaroo Grandparents

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Because of our age we call ourselves Kangaroo Granny & Grandpa.

Being a Kangaroo Parent is awesome. When we are given a baby and you hold that little life in your arms, you feel so blessed that God trusts you to give that baby the love, care and stimulation it needs to grow and develop the way He has planned for him/her to be. As adoptive parents you will soon learn that you will love that baby so much, it would not have been any different if you had actually given birth to them. That is the same intense love we have for the baby and why handing them over is so emotionally difficult to break that bond that we had developed with over the short period they had blessed our lives. Even though we pray for God to start preparing the hearts of the Forever Mom and Dad right from the day we get the baby, it is still very traumatic when we have to give “our” baby to their Forever Parents.  It is very hard to think that anyone will be able to love this little one as much as you do.

Often the new Parents send photos and letters (via PROCARE) telling us how well the baby is doing. This is wonderful and does help fill that hole in our hearts that the baby made. We pray every day for, your baby, for you both as parents and also the birth mom as this is something we believe God wants us to do and the reason He brings certain babies into our lives.

Our hope is that the baby will know without a shadow of doubt that they are very special and were loved from day 1. Also that they were a source of great joy and happiness to us. We believe that those first few months will help baby form a good foundation of trust and love on which they can build all future relationships.

I have to say that often at the 2am feed I say .. “Oh I am too old for this” …. but when morning comes and you hold that little angel in your arms and they stare with adoration back at you, I know that God is my strength and I can’t imagine ever not doing this.


One thought on “Kangaroo Grandparents

  1. Well said Kango Granny and GrandPa… I always tell the Forever Family that I loved their baby before they even knew he/her was waiting for them, and therefore our broken hearts can only be healed by snippets of news, and pictures as a bonus. I can honestly say that my family grows each and every time a baby goes home to his/her forever Family


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