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Introducing the Adoption Team: Part 1 – Eloise Loots



How long have you been involved in adoption work?

More than 15 years

What is your role in the Adoption Team?

Screening and preparation of prospective adoptive parents’ and statutory work

What made you decide to do social work?

We need good people to help good people when bad things happen in their lives………

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

OH MY………to go home!!!!

And the most rewarding aspect?

Being able to make a difference and to know that a child has found his/her place in a “forever family”.

Who is your role model and why?

Mother Theresa……..just because she was humble……… and she believed that Miracles still happen……..every day!


4 thoughts on “Introducing the Adoption Team: Part 1 – Eloise Loots

  1. Eloise is definitely an angel, sent to earth to perform some amazing miracles!! Thank you Eloise!!


  2. It is blessing to know that our “miracle in the making” is in such capable hands.


  3. Wonderful, Amazing women….Eloise Loots, Sunette Le Roux, Marietjie Bezuidnhout…..I honestly would have been lost without your help. God Bless you! xxxx


  4. LOVE love LOVE these woman at ProCare xXx


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