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Introducing the Western Cape Adoption Team: Part 2 – Sunette Le Roux



How long have you been involved in adoption work?

More than 15 years

What is your role in the Adoption Team?

I am mainly involved in counselling the biological parents.  I feel this is a privilege as biological parents who consider adoption as an option are always unselfish people who have the ability to focus on what is in the best interest of their babies.  I am also involved in the final phase of screening  adoptive parents. I am also involved with the matching and placement of babies as well as aftercare of the biological parents.

What made you decide to do social work?

As a young child I always dreamt of making things better for everybody and therefor I became a social worker.  I believe in change and I believe in hope.  I know we cannot always “fix” everything but I truly believe that we can always make things better or learn to deal things in a better way.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?

Being exposed to problems and challenges on a daily basis can at times can be overwhelming.  We need to listen carefully, because life often speaks in whispers…. We need to focus on the positive so not to get consumed by negativity.

And the most rewarding aspect?

When we have a “perfect adoption”..and that is a baby in a good home, happy adoptive parents and biological parents that have made peace with their decision and are able to move on with their lives.  Only then can we call it a perfect adoption.

Who is your role model and why?

Woman in general are my role models… I truly believe”  if you hit a women, you hit a rock “


2 thoughts on “Introducing the Western Cape Adoption Team: Part 2 – Sunette Le Roux

  1. Sunette is just THE most amazing woman of God and I am so inspired and blessed to know her!!!


  2. Sunette,
    You helped a young naive girl make the best decision not just for herself but also for her baby.
    Thank you for your guidance during my stay at New Life and for making the experience one of peace and love. I will never forget the difference you made in my life. You never judged me, you treated me with so much kindness and compassion. You laughed and cried with me:-). Your dedication and passion for your profession is what inspired me to follow my dream of becoming a Social Worker 12 years after i entered the working world.

    Much Love & appreciation


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