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A Dream Come True

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We have a wonderful son and always wanted a second child. For years we agonized over not being able to fall pregnant. Then the realization of being able to have a second baby came true when we opened up to adoption and very quickly it all became a reality. We had faith that we could be guided in the right direction and it is a miracle how all the pieces just fell into place.

I still remember sending my first email to PROCARE, we were so nervous; almost like waiting to find out if you are pregnant. When we received such a positive response from PROCARE, we knew we were going to be able to complete our family.

After many tears of joy and laughter, amazing support, love and care from our social worker and all the staff at PROCARE, our dream has come true.

We got the call, to say there was baby boy, who will be the perfect match to our family. We could hardly believe it…from the time we made the decision to adopt to the day our son was born, was 9 months!

The minute they put this precious angel in my arms, we were in love. I cried, tears of joy, all the way home. I could not believe we had been blessed with this tiny little bundle. I was concerned that I would not be able to love an adopted child as much as I love my biological child, but it was a miracle how God pours His love out and I love them both the same, and in abundance.

Bringing our baby home was scary! I was waiting for him cry because he did not feel at home or felt insecure, but he never did…which also made me worry. That is when I felt God remind me that he is home with his family now and that is why he is content. That affirmation has bought such peace and knowing that our family circle is now complete. Zac is now 9 months old our other son is 9 years old. Their bond is inseparable.

We adore our boys and we feel like the happiest parents in the world. Thank you to PROCARE for bringing us all together. Amazing how we all started as strangers, yet now I feel like PROCARE is an extension to our family. It was also amazing how they get to know you and are able to match you with the perfect baby for your family.

Thank you



One thought on “A Dream Come True

  1. Watching our friends complete their family has been a blessing to all those who love and care for them and we feel like we have been a part of their journey too. Thank you Procare for all that you do.


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