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Year-end function for the Western Cape’s Kanga mothers

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To our never-to-be-forgotten Kanga babies’ ‘forever’ parents who generously sponsored the year-end function for the Western Cape’s Kanga mothers and the Social Workers of PROCARE, Norsa and ABBA we say ‘THANK YOU’.

Each Kanga mother was presented with a goodie bag filled with nappies and wipes and lotions and a toy, a babygrow and a novelty wall clock and even some nice beauty products with which to pamper ourselves.  All the Kangas say: “THANK YOU and please give your precious baby ‘kanga’ hugs and lots of love from all of us”.  It is gratifying to learn that they have all bonded well and are loved and adored by their forever parents.

The day you made possible started with some fun and games.  We were taught rhythm on drums.  We learnt how to beat in one accord and then to change the tempo and to beat and to sing along with expert guidance from  Musical rascals………. There was much laughter and we all enjoyed the exercise.  To Jill we say a big thank you!

Antonette Schminke of Candle Avenue at whose home the event was held explained how to discover the magical craft of candle making.  We were each given two candles and allowed to exercise our creativity by colourfully decorating our candles and then frosting them in all sorts of interesting patterns. Many of us left with Christmas candles that will burn brightly over the festive season.


Eloise from PROCARE said there were no words adequate enough to thank the Kanga mothers for the very important role they play in fulfilling their calling as God’s ‘angels of light’ to look after the almost 150 babies who will have been successfully adopted in 2013.

At the conclusion of the day the kangaroo mascott with baby in pouch kindly donated by a grateful adoptive parent was won by Rika Labuschagne.  A treasured memento indeed of what it means to be a Kanga mother.

To our sponsors, again our thanks and best wishes.  To all the new parents who have adopted our special “Miracle” babies during 2013 we say: “Thank You” and we wish you and your beautiful child a joyous first Christmas. To my fellow Kanga mothers as well as our much loved and respected Social Workers I say thank you for making it possible to fulfill our calling.  Thank you also for your guidance, friendship, encouragement, your love and your prayers.   May 2014 be a year of many beautiful babies going to secure and loving forever homes.

Kanga hugs from all of us

Avril Frangs……..On Behalf of all the Temporary Safe Care Families.


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