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Kangaroo mommies’ training

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Saturday the 16th November a group of our kangaroo mommies attended a training course.  Jill Bergman, a fantastic lady taught us the importance of neurological and emotional development in babies. What must happen at what age and what signs to look for in a baby when stressed or emotionally either under develop or dysfunctional.

We usually never let a change go by when we were together to goo and gaa about our noonoos.  We as kangos devote our hearts and lives to these incredible little persons, and off course we enjoy every moment of it even with bags under our eyes from sleep deprivation.

 Kind Regards

Michelle Beukes FROG Kangaroo mother


One thought on “Kangaroo mommies’ training

  1. Hello Michelle, I would like to get in touch with you. We want to organize a training with Jill Bergman and it would be great to know your experience. Could you email me, please?


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