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Our adoption experience…

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My husband and I spoke about adopting before we got married and our plan was to have a two to three children and then to add to our family through adoption.But God’s plan is not our plan.

 So after 2 years of failed tries, many tests, lots of hormones, a laparoscopy, more tests, more hormones, unfathomable heartache, disappointment and frustration – not to mention that our medical diagnosis was “unexplained infertility”, we decided to change our plan.

In June 2012, we attended an orientation session and through Procare’s guidance and assistance, we were approved in November 2012 and we brought our son home on 14 February 2013 – the best Valentine’s Day and birthday present I have ever received!

 We were in awe of the professional, passionate and tender manner in which PROCARE staff informed and guided us every step of the way, even pre-empting our emotions as we went through the process.  Our minds were put at ease knowing that the mothers are also well taken care of in terms of their emotional and medical health, and that they are also counselled and guided through their choices in their journey.  

 As people of faith, we felt as if God put a group of special angels on earth called PROCARE (from receptionists to administrators to social workers to housemothers to kangaroo moms and even various places of safety for expecting mothers and babies!), and together they make magic happen and create families! PROCARE highlights a mother’s love for their child, coupled with every child’s given right to be absolutely adored and they connect them to people whose hearts and arms are open to love and raise them as their own!

 Our adoption experience was beautiful and our son continues to bring so much love and laughter into our lives.

We are truly grateful for the existence of PROCARE, through which our dream of a family was made true!

 Sincere heartfelt gratitude and overwhelming joy is embedded in our hearts at receiving our son, Alexander (the great!)

 All our love

Lisa and Rosco


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