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Happy 1st Birthday

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And so another year begins and we started off this year by celebrating Zac’s 1st birthday.  Again, just felt blessed to be able to share the special day with friends and family.

“Happy 1st Birthday to our precious Zac. A year ago you came from Heaven, an amazing gift from God. Although we had not met you yet, you were always in my heart. Our love for you grows deeper each day. We have been so blessed and thank the Lord everyday for bringing you into our lives and choosing us as your family. We look forward to sharing an eternity with you”

I hope you are all well and we think of you so often and the wonderful work that you are doing, bringing joy to more families.  Thank you for playing such an important part in enabling us to complete our family.  I never though it possible to have so much love to two little people.  Loving my boys so much and thank the Lord for choosing us to be their parents and bringing them into our lives – both in different ways.

All the best and look forward to keeping you posted on Zac’s growth.
Lots of love


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