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Our adoption journey…

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My husband and I have been struggling for years to start a family. Several operations, rounds of fertility treatment, and the heartbreak of miscarriages led us to the door of PROCARE. We have not looked back! During our initial consultation it was as if this huge mountain was finally lifted off our shoulders and we could breathe again – we are going to be parents!! Driving home after our session with our social worker, I was at peace. This was the path that God had intended for us.

We started the screening process, which is quite lengthy, and at times tedious. However, having reached the end of the screening phase, I have come to appreciate the periods in between steps where you are literally forced to “pause” and wait for the next piece of the puzzle. Without realizing it, the periods of “pause” allowed us time to assimilate information, process and reflect on our lives, to critically assess what is important to us. The process of preparing our profile, which I initially thought would take a few days to complete, but ended up taking 2 months, was therapeutic and lots of fun. We spent hours pouring over photographs, deliberating about which to use, and reminiscing about old times. It was like looking through a window back in time. During the process we could reflect on the personal growth and achievements over the years, often overlooked as a result of the busyness and chaos that is life.

Last week we were finally signed off and officially declared “pregnant”! Yay!!!! We are so excited and really looking forward to the day that we bring our little one home.

At this point we would like to thank PROCARE for their professionalism, sensitivity and care that they have given us thus far. We look forward to continuing the journey with them.



One thought on “Our adoption journey…

  1. Deidre, I just love the way you describe the areas of “pause” as being a time to reflect. It is awesome to see someone so positive. I am a Kanga mom who gets to look after these precious babies until they go to their forever families and I can tell you these little ones are so beautiful and special!! It always makes the handover so much easier when i can focus on the excitement that you as the adoptive parents feel!!! Wishing you all the best and know when you get your little one you will fall completely and utterly in love!!! I admire you for your courage to follow this path…it will bring you so much joy.


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