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Our beautiful daughter joined our family in June 2013. The process since August 2012 with Procare were outstanding. I still remember my wife said after our visits to their offices that it felt like therapy. We felt supported and well cared for. From day one we knew that they are the people we want to share this experience with and we also had a sense that our baby and birthmother will be safe, coming from their capable hands.She was 6 months old when we met her so we had a lot of “firsts” in the past 6 months. She was baptized in our congregation surrounded by many friends and family.




She also turned one!! We dreamt about her first birthday even before we met her – over enthusiastic parents… J She makes it so easy to get excited about practically anything so the both of us knew that her Birthday simply had to be fantastic. We invited friends and family, people came from near and far to celebrate her first year. We painted the scene with creative things for the kids to do, a pool with a lot of colorful balls for the little ones to swim, a graffiti wall for friends to write messages for her, we had a craft table with owl mobiles, bubbles, handmade cookies, coconut ice , owl decorated class bottles and the most beautiful owl cake.


Our little Owl was still sleeping as her guests arrived, she were way too excited to take her nap earlier! As she entered the room the excitement were electrifying as everyone came around to say hallo. Soon it was time for us to sing for her and to blow out her candle. I wish we could capture everything of that moments, from her eyes that lit up when we sang for her, the way she joined us in clapping hands, filled with excitement, her laughter and  the “wow” that came from her mouth. We blew out the candle and sat her down next to her cake. Off course within seconds she was tearing it apart, choosing parts of the decor that she first wanted to taste. We had to change her clothing 3 times during that afternoon as she was playing her heart out. From the sand pit to the pool, to making her first painting with her little hands.


Such a precious day. One that we will treasure forever.


We pray for many more of these joyful occasions, for moments to treasure, for moments that we share eye contact and for moments that she truly feel supported and loved.


We are also thankful for our community that broaden so much, filled with many adopted kids and their families.


To everyone still in the waiting period – hang in there, the rewards are sweet! To everyone blessed with babies already, treasure them!







  1. congratulations….I am a mom for two months now…and my little is the greatest joy in my life.


  2. A beautiful love to witness….they are inspirational!!!


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