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I will never ever forget the day my little girl was placed in my care. After we went to Court we went to the Place of Safety. There was some small chat as we waited for the arrival of the biological mother. She arrived and we hugged each other and cried. It was agony. Then she smiled the biggest smile. Oh how I admire her. What an incredibly tough decision to make.

I promised her that I would take the best care of her little girl. This is now my life’s mission.

Then they brought in my little girl all dressed prettily in a pink “going away” outfit. She is absolutely adorable. We fed her and burped her and changed her nappy and, eventually, we drove off with my little daughter. She was so good on the way home and just continued to be an absolute pleasure!

It was a day that I dreaded and I was so excited for at the same time and it was actually much easier that I could have ever hoped for.

My Mum paid Nina a huge compliment today saying that she is a well-balanced little baby. This indeed is high praise and very true. A long-term hope is that she’s a well-balanced adult too and lives a well-balanced life.

Heaps of love to you all . Thank you PROCARE for changing my life!!!

Sue and Nina.


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