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The story of Hezekia’s tunnel- an adoption journey

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So, what does the tunnel of Hezekia and my adopted son’s first birthday have in common??

I love it when people ask me about my son, sad to say in the past 6 months I’ve had some strange questions and situations where I had to just stop my immediate reaction and think for a few seconds and ask myself “so how will I put this nicely?”.  Anyway, I love it when people ask me where he comes from, because then this is what I tell them and this is why on his first birthday I asked for his cake to be that of Hezekia’s tunnel.


In Oct 2012 I had the privilege to visit Israel with a small group from our church.  The most significant moment for me was when I walked through the tunnel of Hezekiah.  A tunnel built to bring water to his people, but he had so little time that he had to have 2 sets of diggers, one from the one side and another from the other side.  They only managed to connect in the middle because they listened very carefully where the other one was and just went towards each other.  I knew there that at some stage I would need to listen very closely to God, a journey that will ask of me to fully depend on His voice.

In April 2013 I just felt God telling me the time to start the adoption process is now (I’ve been praying about it for at least 7 years), I went for my first visit to PROCARE and walking out there I knew that this was a green light, and I also knew that it will be very fast….and so it was, 4 and a half months later my son, Walter was placed with me!!


So, here is the story I tell Walter and the people asking… (I’ll give you the short version):

Mommy knew God said that it is time for Him to give her a son. Mommy was soooo excited and told God that she was ready, but that He must just tell her what to do.  He must show her where to walk and He said she should not be worried, He will show her exactly where to go, all she must do is listen to Him.  God went and out of all the babies he chose Walter, the one with the chubby cheeks, the cutest  big smile and eyes and dimpels, and He said “Walter, it is time for you to meet your Mommy”.  He gently picked him up and gave him to the strongest and most beautiful angel and told the angel to carry him to his mommy.  He must just walk where God tells him to walk then he will connect with Walters mommy.  (just like Hezekia’s tunnel!). So the angel left with Walter and together they had many adventures.  They went through rivers, met some interesting people and animals and finally the day arrived where God said…today is the day!  The angel and mommy were so excited, they knew this was God’s timing and then on the 3rd October 2013 they walked into each other and they knew, this was the end of the journey and the beginning of another.  Mommy was so excited and loved Walter from the very first second and now together they have many adventures.


We had a great celebration on his first birthday.  Being his mother is my greatest joy and privilege and may he always know how loved and wanted he is.




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