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While our little Eli is taking a nap, we have a little while to say Thank You! While Thank You does not express exactly what we’re feeling today.

We’ve been so nervous and excited over the last few days and today when we picked Eli up we were perfectly calm and realized that we were more than well equipped for this.

We know he has been loved by his kangaroo family up until now and will forever be in there hearts and now it’s our turn.

He is the perfect baby for us and we are so in love with him already.

He fits perfectly into our home and into our hearts. While we were busy with the adoption process we kept seeing and hearing the line “grown in my heart and not my tummy”… I always thought it was a cheesy line until my baby came home today.

Eli was definitely born in our hearts. He is everything we could’ve ever dreamed of or hoped for. We thank God that you found our baby and brought him home.

Once again, thank you and may God continue to bless the work you do!

Lots of love

Ian, Candice and Eli


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