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Getting smiles from strangers…

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Our gorgeous son has been with us for just over 6 months but most days it seems as if he has been with us much, much longer.  I cannot imagine our lives without him in it.

IMG_3940 IMG_3947

Before contacting PROCARE I did a lot of reading on the subject of adoption and I had mentally prepared myself for all the possible scenarios that might occur with the adoption of a baby from a different race.  I’ve read about people staring, intrusive questions and strange comments and to tell the truth… it scared me a little.

But I can honestly say that to us adoption has been only a positive experience so far.  Since our son’s placement with us we have travelled in 6 provinces (with some of the towns being quite conservative) but the reaction is always positive.  Strangers do perhaps notice our family more than others but are absolutely drawn to our son like moths to a flame.  We get more smiles from strangers than ever before.  Mostly we get questions like “How old is he?” and “What is his name?”.  Never a snide remark or question that can be seen in a negative way.

I am acutely aware that people tend to look for similarities between a parent and child and always thought this would highlight the differences between us and our child.  But I was surprised to learn that people find similarities in our unique family too.  We’ve had people mention to us that our son looks like me, or looks like my husband.  And once a lady in a shop asked us where our son got his curly hair from, my side or my husband’s?  She did not even notice the difference in skin colour and was surprised to find out that he was adopted.

When people ask us about the adoption we are open about the process and our experience but always honour and respect our son and his biological family by not sharing deeply personal details.  And when someone needs PROCARE’s contact details I don’t hesitate to provide them with it.

I don’t know what the future holds and I know that our situation is unique.  But I know our lives have only improved since adopting our baby.

Thank you PROCARE for playing such a pivotal part in creating our family!


One thought on “Getting smiles from strangers…

  1. Ho! I have been trying to adopt a baby boy like this one for over a year! ho I love him I am filling my forms today with Procare!


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