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We are blessed

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Dear Procare


Hope everything is well on your side.

Our adopted son has a very strong but gentle, loving, kind, caring personality and we encourage him to be himself. My best time with him is still bath time, play time and bed time – this is where we get to talk, sing-a-long and some reading. He loves his chicken, some veggies, fruit, and juice and snack time.

He loves going to crèche and enjoys being with other children. He is doing very well and I am amazed at times what he has learned for a two year old in one week.

Sam loves spending time with him – the two of them will either go for a drive or they are always fixing something most of all  toys.  After everything they will sit on the coach reading the newspaper or a book…I will watch them and smile or take a photo.

People say he is very blessed – I know that Sam and I are the ones who are so much blessed because we were the chosen ones and I thank God for our son every day.


Sam and  Carmen


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