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Sweet child of mine

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Dear Procare

Our baby, Nina continues to be absolutely amazing.  I still can’t believe that a baby can be as good and easy as she is.  She isn’t sitting yet and doesn’t have any teeth but that’ll all happen in good time.  She’s eating everything that’s put in front of her.  She’s interactive, talkative and attentive and smiles with ease – especially at strangers!

We’ve been away for a couple of weekends. Everybody there had kids and I had to be reminded that I’m not the first person in the world to bring up a baby… but I’m sure they’ll all agree that I’m the first person in the world to bring up such a good baby!  I’ve really had an easy ride and I’m sure that there are some roller coasters up ahead.

Mum came to stay a couple of weeks ago.  She didn’t say anything the first night as I jumped out of bed 5 – 6 times to put Nina’s dummy in or stroke her to let her know that I was there.  But the next night, she told me to let her get over it herself.  Each minute felt like an hour as we left her to whimper on her own, but we got through the night and the next night, she was able to sooth herself much quicker.  Now she’s sleeping for a solid 12 hours and I feel much better with the uninterrupted sleep.

Sylvia, Nina’s new nanny, would entertain Nina non-stop the whole day if I gave her half a chance.  When Nina shows signs of being tired, I swaddle her up immediately and let her have a nap and I enjoy the space while she naps.  Sylvia doesn’t want Nina to sleep because then she’ll lose her playmate!  She’s amazing – she has endless energy and Nina absolutely adores her.  While Sylvia is here, Nina looks at me like a boring old play thing.  With Sylvia, she SHREIKS with enjoyment!  I’m a bit jealous of the two of them to tell the truth.  But I wouldn’t want it any other way.  I know that, when I go back to work, I’m leaving behind a well loved baby that will have the best care while I’m away for the day.

Much love to you all.
xS and Nina (& Sylvia!!)


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