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Our story

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We had previously been through a lot of sadness with infertility, and at the outset of this adoption process we wanted a secure set of steps to have a baby. We wanted to celebrate each small step forward as a triumph; restoring our hope. Looking back, now that we have our tiny baby boy, we recognise that this has been a trans-formative phase for us.
It is said that ‘pleasure in the job puts perfection in the work’, and the joy shown by Procare’s social workers and kangaroo parents, brightened our adoption story. We think that their drive, professionalism and compassion provided the best support for the biological mother, our son, and us. We have incredible memories of our pre-adoption training by our social worker, Eloise, meeting our son’s beautiful biological mother, and finding a secret thank you message under our son’s jacket from his indispensable kangaroo.
Now, we look forward to the big, long-term challenge of raising him. We are thankful for the support that we have received from Procare, and for the unique opportunity, as adoptive parents, to reflect on his growth every year by writing to his biological mother. We are both excited to watch him transform into an adult, and to be able to share his growth with all of the people who have loved him.


One thought on “Our story

  1. It is the biggest and best decision we will ever make. My angel baby has brought the greatest joy into my life. I have never known such pure love. And yes Eloise is just an awesome person and social worker. May happiness and love continue to grow in your lives.


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