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Hang in there, it is all so worth it

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We would like to take a moment to thank you for making our dreams and hopes of having a beautiful baby boy to call our very own, a reality. It has now been just over two months since we welcomed home our gorgeous son, Pharrell. He is such a wonderful boy and is everything and more than we ever imagined him to be. He just lights up our lives every single day! It has been an amazing and very emotional journey for us but we knew that it would all happen one day soon and that when it did everything would just fall into place, and it has. We are forever grateful and thankful to everyone who played such an important role in bringing Pharrell into our lives. Pharrell is now 7 months old and is growing up so fast, right before our eyes, and although we are so very excited to see him grow up, there are those moment when you wish you had a pause button and that time could stand still and the moment could last for a lot longer. Every day with him is so special and time is so precious. To everyone who is going through the adoption process, hang in there, it is all so worth it and there is no better feeling in the world, than the day you get to meet and bring your child home. We have never experienced the true meaning of being blessed until now. Special thanks to our social worker Elize and the PROCARE team for everything, all your guidance and assistance and for just being there every step of the way.

With love, Angela, Gerrit and Pharrell


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