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Our “Rainbow” child turned one!

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“This week we celebrated our beautiful son’s 1st birthday; something that we dreamed about for years. Last Saturday

we held a rainbow-themed party for him. We chose this theme to signify the happy ending after the years of struggle

to have a baby. And on his birthday we watched our little boy opening his gifts with excitement and realised once

more just how very blessed we are to have him in our lives and how we love him more than we ever thought would be


Willem, Anne- Marie and Jason


One thought on “Our “Rainbow” child turned one!

  1. How beautiful to see this little boy who has made your family complete. I remember the day you got him. I was privileged to be at the placement with Toekie. I will never forget how he looked at his new Mommy and just filled her heart. It is so beautiful to see how the forever parents fall in luv with their new baby…it is something no one can understand unless they have seen it. Wish I could bottle that moment.


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