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Since Izabella came home, our lives are richer, our home is happier, and our hearts are warmer!

Our decision to adopt did not come after a journey of infertility, as  it does with many. Instead we decided to adopt our first child (and who knows what the future holds?!) as we felt in our hearts it was the right path for us to start our family. We considered a lot of things, consulted with many people both experienced and professional, and then took the leap! We don’t regret it one bit. It’s been an incredible journey of love and grace, and we are so amazingly blessed to be Izabella’s parents. We were blessed with the prettiest baby too!

Izabella has settled in so nicely. She started off only wanting to be with me her mom, and feeling very insecure with strangers in the home or out. Who can blame her after having to adjust to a new home and family? We would sit and watch her sleep for ages (we have about 1000 photos of her sleeping.) We would talk and talk to her, wondering how long it would take for her to recognise us as her family. We just couldn’t stop kissing her- and still can’t!

 She is almost sitting on her own, is learning to roll over to explore the world, loves tummy time, devours her newly-found solid foods, and laughs with glee at mom and dad. She gives the prettiest smiles to strangers, gets excited to see her daddy, and shouts and squeals and laughs in her pram at the shops!

 We are thankful to our social worker, Eloise and the team at Procare for guiding us through this journey. We are also incredibly grateful to Izabella’s Kangaroo mother who took her in and lovingly nurtured her for 3 months, giving her the best start to life before coming home to us. These women are angels who look after our beloved children!

Here are some pics of beautiful Izzy, enjoy!

Love Sarah and Dom (and Izabella!)



  1. Thank you Dom and Sarah for sharing your beautiful family with us. Love you guys x


  2. Beautiful. We also wanted our first born to be adopted and what a blessing she has been & is still is to our family.


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