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Super kangaroo family takes on 3 babies!


I have three children of my own, who are home schooled and recently I decided to become a kangeroo mom as well..

There is a huge need to take care of babies before they get placed with their adoptive families.  So my family and I decided to help where we can.

Within 2 weeks after we completed the screening process, we received the first baby and I am absolutely loving every moment.
The first baby is a prem baby and she weighed only 1.250kg.  One week later I got a phone call asking if I am willing to take another baby. We prayed as a
family and decided to take another one…and then another one!

Taking care of more than one baby as well as my own family can be a challenge at times, but we manage and everybody is helping. We are grateful that we can be part of these babies lives and that we can help to give them a perfect start in life.

Barbara and family

Kangeroo family


2 thoughts on “Super kangaroo family takes on 3 babies!

  1. Barbara, you and your family are truly inspirational, God’s richest blessings for you!!!!!!


  2. It is more than obvious in all your posts on Facebook that Jesus is No One, not only in your heart but also in your marriage, in raising your Godly children and in honouring your calling to care for babies who are awaiting adoption. You are indeed a super role model.


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