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Thank you PROCARE for my gorgeous clever daughter

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We thought we would wait until after Riley’s 2nd Birthday to send you an update so that we could include pictures of her party

She is doing incredibly well and is suddenly so grown up! She chats away non stop – about everything!  She has an opinion on everything and makes sure everyone knows what it is! She is very advanced in many ways especially her physical abilities. She manages to do things (climb, jump, balance, run) a lot of older kids aren’t comfortable with yet. She also has amazing hand/eye coordination and kicks balls beautifully every time – never misses!  We have also realized as she gets older that she loves sleeping!  She has no problem going to bed in the evenings and if she is tired, will often take our hand and lead us to her bedroom and tells us “Riley sleep”. It’s really very sweet. She has picked up a funny

way of referring to insects – all insects – regardless of what they actually are are called “beebugs”. No matter how we try to correct her – she will insist on calling them “beebugs” J. Over the last 2 weeks she is suddenly forming full sentences and can make herself perfectly understood.


She is pretending to drink coffee like her dad (actually it is just frothed milk) She loves it and asks for it all the time

So to end off..thank you PROCARE for my gorgeous clever daughter

Happy adoptive mother


One thought on “Thank you PROCARE for my gorgeous clever daughter

  1. Congratulations, she is gorgeous. We are awaiting THE phone call. The wait is terrible! Ring phone ring… I cannot wait. Enjoy every moment.


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