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Twice as lucky…

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“22 September 2014: Exactly three years ago, we took Caelem, our oldest son home. He was 5.5 months old and looked us straight in the eyes as if he was saying: “Time to go home.” This was such a wonderful experience, we decided to do it all over again 19 months later on 17 May 2013, the day we adopted our youngest son, Sebastian.

Caelem en Sebastian (3yrs and 1.5 years) are two inseparable, very active boys but complete contrasts.

Caelem is our little sport star, he walked at 10 months, he was not even three years old when he started riding a bicycle without support wheels and he kicks a rugby ball as you’ve never seen before.

Sebastian came home when he was 3 months and was welcomed by a brother who couldn’t stop hugging him. He is the complete opposite of his brother. He started walking at 17 months, he wears the same size clothes as his brother, he talks very small sentences already, is very independent and loves to dance.

They both have the most wonderful giggles, love to go to school, are very social and make friends very easily. And the most important of all, they give the nicest hugs and kisses to mommy and daddy.

We walked a long path to parenthood with a lot of disappointments but since 22 September 2011, that’s all forgotten and we enjoy being the parents of our two sons.

We are so thankful to Procare and the two Kangaroo mums of our sons for taking good care of us when we were lost and for taking good care of our sons when we didn’t even now they already waited for us.”




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