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We would not have it any other way

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Recently my husband and myself started following a series based on several couples` childbirth experience. There seems to be quite a few of them on the DSTV circuit at the moment but anyhow we are glued to the television every time. On numerous occasions we have discussed how we think we would have coped with a pregnancy and labour and knowing what we know now and presented with a choice would we choose adoption or a natural, healthy pregnancy. My honest answer is …… I would adopt again in a heartbeat!

 Apart from looking your best on the day and having fantastic hair & make-up on your pictures, the overall experience was so much more than we could have anticipated. It prepared us for parenthood in a systematic and organised way (the only way I can cope with). You got to plan properly and work through your issues and fears as the discussions came up. Something that was not the case when we battled infertility. We were so desperate for a baby that nothing else mattered. During the adoption process the focus completely shifted for us. We did not always understand why our appointments were so far apart but in hindsight it was the perfect pace to ensure that we were emotionally and financially ready for the reality of parenthood and when the day came we enjoyed it so much more.

 Our daughter is everything and more than what we could ever have hoped for. Her soul belonged to us long before my uterus decided to bail out on me. She is the perfect extension of us but in a better way. She is the perfect mix of both of us and a biological child could not have been more perfect than she is at the moment. She is ours in every sense of word. Made from our love for each other. She is literally our be all and end all and I hate to admit but she rules the roost too!

 Thank you Procare for the gifts you gave us…..

The gift of a fabulous baby girl

The gift of happy memories while we waited

The gift or a flawless process with lots of support and information

The gift of knowing that our biological mother was looked after and cared for

The gift of knowing that you will always be there for us when we need you

 We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Kobus & Aneli


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