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Little bundle of love

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Dearest Procare,


We just wanted to write and let you know how our first week with our boy has been going! Sometimes it feels like we’ve been a little family forever and other times we still can’t believe he’s here with us and our seemingly never-ending dream of having a baby has finally come true.

The attachment/bonding process is going well; we try to share things as equally as possible and take alternate feeds and nappy changes etc. We also spend a lot of time chatting, singing, and playing together. He would look at one of us and then the other and smile and talk and talk – it’s so rewarding experiencing our relationship with him grow every day, seeing the way he looks at us and smiles and chats. He also has no problem very loudly letting us know when he is hungry or tired and needs his dummy etc

He also especially loves it when we sing him his lullaby we wrote for him – it’s amazing to experience him as he looks deeply into our eyes as we sing to him and he slowly falls asleep – we will try to film it one day soon so we can show you and show him one day too.

Every day we can’t help but feel so blessed by this little bundle of joy who has joined our family. We’re already dreaming of all the wonderful things we will do together as he grows up and imagining what he’ll be like! … but we know this we happen so so fast, so we are enjoying every moment that he is so so sweet and small!

Thank you for our baby boy, and for knowing he would be perfect with us! No words can describe how much we are bursting with joy! And how grateful we are to all of you at Procare and Norsa home.


Baby, our baby

You grew in another tummy

but you were always meant to be

our baby, our baby

‘Sana, ‘Sana lwethu

Wakhula kwesinyeisisu

Kodwa lonke ixesha wawuza kuba

Lusana lwetu, lusana lwetu

Hold you close, keep you warm,

Safe and sound from any harm

Watch you grow, see you smile

Rock you to sleep, every night

Thula tula, sikulalisa ebusuku

Thula tula usana lwethu,

Different skin, different eyes

We may not look the same outside

But you were always meant to be

Our baby, our baby

Isikumba simbi ngamehlo wambi

Kodwa sifana nqwa ngaphakathi

Kodwa lonke ixesha wawuza kuba

Lusana lwetu, lusana lwetu

Hold you close, keep you warm,

Safe and sound from any harm

We loved you before you were born

and we’ll love you to the end of time

Thula tula, sikulalisa ebusuku

Thula tula usana lwethu

8 Weeks later:

A few people I’ve met recently have spoken about their reservations about adopting because they are afraid they might not be able to love a child that is not “their own”. The truth of the matter is, whether your child is born from you or is adopted by you – you’re stuck with each other for the rest of your lives 😉 – they are “your own” either way.

It’s hard to put in to words how I feel about our little boy who entered our hearts and our home eight weeks ago to become a part of our family! It started off as a deep sense of just knowing he was always meant to be ours … that our paths were meant to meet and become one ….and then as each day has passed and we have got to know each other a little more, and then a little more… a slow and steady love has been growing inside me until it has become so strong and so big I feel as if I am about to burst!  I don’t know what it is like to have and love a biological child, but I can’t imagine it’s any different or any stronger to the love I feel for our little boy! I would do anything for our son and am so grateful for this amazing being in our lives!

Thank you Procare for the amazing work you do and for all the kanga moms and homes you work with who love for and care for our children before we have the chance to! When we started this journey of adoption we had no idea just quite how incredible and special this experience would be! And now we are mothers and have the family we have always dreamt of….with the most perfect little bundle of love and joy in our arms! I don’t think it gets any better than this!!


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