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It has been just over a year since I met my son, Walter.  I think we all feel the same in saying that time goes by so fast and at times we just want to make time stand still, to be able to take in more of what we are experiencing!  It’s been so amazing to be Walter’s mom, I’m so proud to be his mom.  As most people who have adopted cross culturally we’ve gotten our share of good and bad.  I decided very early in the process that I will always keep my good sense of humor and that the way I deal with situations and comments must always be an example to Walter.

I cannot think of Walter in any other way than he is my son…..Walter hears this so much, but before time began, before anything was made out of God’s hand….He knew Walter was going to be my son.  He is my son, I’m his mother and we go through the same emotions, ups and downs as any other mother and son.

So, in keeping the humor on all the times hurtful things were said to us, I thought of making a few T-shirts… Here goes:  It’s okay you can say the “A” word….AMAZING – AWESOME – ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!“Yes..he is my son”“Die boerseun praat Afrikaans!”  –  “ Yikes!Just get over it!”“Team Zebra!”  These will obviously be done with nice cartoon pics and in fabulous colors.

I’m blessed with a son who is really outgoing and wherever we go, whoever we meet he has his own way of just connecting with young and old and just crawls his way into their hearts.  The other day we entered a competition on RSG and I had the opportunity to tell the “nation” about Walter and the nation voted and we won!  This was just so amazing!

As a first time mother I must confess…..I’ve not read any “how to mother” books.  I must admit I’ve never been one to work through a manual anyway.  I trust that God will lead me, and that the mother in me is just stepping in and doing what comes naturally….loving, caring, guiding, teaching, exploring, laughing and the constant reminder of just how much God loves us.

I love my son, there is nothing I want to do without him and nothing I will not do for him!

Blessings to you all!

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  1. Great story,

    Love u Walter….have seen u guys around the northern suburbs….so good together…God Bless you!!!


  2. You are so blessed…hope to join you soon with my little girl or boy!


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