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From tears of sadness to tears of joy

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We don’t even know where to begin to say thank you for Procare. After 13 years of trying to fall pregnant we decided to adopt.  We can still remember our first session, we were so scared and cried the whole session.  It became easier as the social worker really guided us all the way and we are so glad we met the social worker, she is really there for you every step of the way. Our tears of sadness turned into tears of joy.

In September when we got our baby boy , everyone told us that our world will be turned upside down when we get the baby, and it did, but for the good.  From the first moment we held him, we were in love !

His smile lights up any room and we cannot imagine our lives without him now, we really want to say to all the prospective adoptive parents, Procare can make your dreams come true and it’s not an easy road but this road is so worth traveling. We want to thank Procare  for making this dream come true.



One thought on “From tears of sadness to tears of joy

  1. Wat n pragtige foto, baie geluk!


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