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Our Biggest Blessing

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Ava’s arrival was the biggest blessing we could ever have asked for.

After years of struggling with infertility and much heartbreak we decided to adopt a baby to fulfil our need to have a family. We looked at a few different agencies and decided to go ahead with Procare due to the social worker’s professionalism and warm smile. Only a week after our initial meeting, was our little Ava conceived, especially for us!

We could not have made a more perfect child ourselves, Ava is an absolute pleasure! From the first day she joined our family, she was warm and happy. Her personality comes through more and more each day, and we love hearing her laugh and watching her develop every day.

We’d like to express a massive thank you to Procare and the social workers that went above and beyond their work scope for us. Another huge thank you to the Kangaroo Family who took Ava into their family for her first 10 weeks of her life and looked after her the best way we could ever have imagined.

We hope as an expectant adoptive parent reading this, it warms your heart to know the perfect baby is on your way, to fulfil your life in ways you could never imagine. Know that you are in the best hands with Procare!


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