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Destiny Fulfilled


“Destiny is what’s meant to be, what’s written in the stars, your inescapable fate.” (

This little bundle of joy was definitely meant for us! He was written into our lives by God years before we even dreamed of being married or having children. He is the best boy and we couldn’t have imagined the joy and love that he has brought into our lives in the time that he has spent with us.

Our adoption journey started with PROCARE. We never really considered that we would be holding our baby boy in our arms as soon as we did, making our family complete for the first time. We certainly prepared ourselves – sorting out the baby’s room and purchasing the necessary large items, thinking we could receive our bundle ‘probably next year’. But as destiny would have it … God’s timing and not our own! And we couldn’t be happier, joyful, overwhelmed, immersed in love.

Dean has changed our lives so much – from sleeping patterns to grocery lists, to entertainment and eating out 🙂 But we really wouldn’t have it any other way! The absolute warmth in our hearts every time he wakes up and just beams a smile at us, the babbling and the joyful screaming finding his voice, the pounding on our chests when falling asleep … so many moments of the most profound joy every parent has the pleasure of experiencing. And this is just the beginning! We are looking forward to all the many moments as we experience Dean growing up. All we can do, and are committed to doing, is to try and be the best parents for the best boy.

We are still in awe! PROCARE you have given us the most wonderful gift in our boy Dean, we cannot thank you enough. Thank you for allowing yourselves to be instruments of God in this very special way, by offering your most excellent services to those of us who otherwise can not be parents!

Love and Regards,

Adian and Tracy

Destiny fulfilled


2 thoughts on “Destiny Fulfilled

  1. Can anyone contact me in regards to adoption my name is sumaiya cell no is 0761832503.want to adopt.


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