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Same call, same date, six years later..!

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Some might say that this was easy because it is the second bundle of joy. Believe us the wait was just as hard as or even worse than with our first.  With the second baby you have this great expectation that it will be quick and easy, but our first daughter wanted it even more than us. She wanted a baby sister since she was 3 years old. The hurt and longing came every day when she could not understand that we can’t count down any sleeps till her sister arrives.

So in December on the very same day and date that we got the phone call to say we can fetch our first daughter we got the call again, just six years later. We were overwhelmed with joy.  We fell in love with her the moment we saw the first photos it was the longest week of our lives to wait to finally hold her in our arms. It was a week before Christmas and by far the best Christmas gift that we could all ask for.

She brings only joy, love and laughter into our family. Her beautiful smile lights up the room and anybody’s spirit.  There is no words to express the beautiful bond between the two sisters, our baby will immediately turn her head and look around when she hears her sister’s voice. They love to talk and the oldest seems to understand exactly what the youngest is saying.

We can’t say thank you enough to Procare once again, from the first time we met our social worker, Eloise 6 years ago our lives was turned into a ray of sunshine again. Special thanks must go to our baby’s Kango family whom shared so much love with her and us. You are the best, we will always make sure she knows where it all started. We love the whole Procare Family!!!

Lots of love the van Eeden’s

Our second blessing


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