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Adoption is well worth the journey…

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worth the journey 2 worth the journey

For a long time adoption has been something we thought could be a possibility to pursue, when making the decision to have children. Of course, something you think about and something you actually consider are two different things altogether. We had so many questions and concerns and no first hand experience of people close to us who had actually adopted.

Since our initial chats about the idea, we had encountered various couples that had adopted.

We wanted to become parents and started pursuing the adoption process with an initial 2 hr meeting at PROCARE. It took us a year before we actually completed our application form (not because it takes that long, but because we were stalling; still scared and trying to have everything in place first.) We officially finished our screening process and were eligible to adopt!!! HOW EXCITING!

Then Judah came to us ….

Holding his little body in our arms quickly made us feel that all the concerns or second thoughts we had about adoption leading up to that moment all felt so petty and unimportant.  All this little boy required from us was just our love and care.

Usually, I think, one would assume the only way to have a child is biologically, but we have seen another way; a way that is fulfilling and one well worth the journey. We now encourage all potential parents we encounter to consider adoption. Writing this post, it’s been two months since the day little Judah came into our lives.  We can honestly say that we cannot imagine life without him. We have watched him learn and grow. We know that he knows us as mom and dad by the way he picks our faces out of a room of people, and gives us that little sunbeam smile that shines through a long day.

We love him more than we can ever say!

Thank you PROCARE for making this come true.


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