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Match made in heaven

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I am a single woman and I started with scouting and getting information regarding adoption just about a year ago.  I contacted quite a few agencies and most of them said straight up no, they only help married couples. With all this negativity that was glooming, I came across Procare, I could not believe my eyes when I read that they do not discriminate against religion, marital status, race etc. they accept you as you are and give you the opportunity to become a parent to a special child.I contacted Procare and from the moment I stepped into the office I could just feel that I was at the right place at the right time in my life.The screening process was quite daunting and there were a few moments where I was shaking in my boots thinking “what if they don’t see me fit to raise a child”.

Before I knew it I was declared “paper pregnant” and suitable to be an adoptive parent… it was a very special day.. I started acting all pregnant doing things that pregnant woman would do, just to embrace the whole experience.My life changed, when I got the call to say there is a baby that the social worker would like to present too me. Tears instantly ran down my face ….I hardly remembered anything she said over the phone.. all I heard was, “baby..for me”, I totally zoned out and I had to call back after I had calmed down to get all the details and dates.

The day arrived where I got to see and hold my boy, it was the most magical day of my life. I do not know how to thank Procare for the awesome match. When I looked back at my process and my journey with Procare it was exactly 9 months and 1 day; walking in for my orientation to holding my son in my arms, it felt like a true pregnancy. I decided on a name for my boy and I made sure it had a special meaning that we both can look back on. They names I chose means “spirit of the battle” (the adoption process we both went through until our lives came together) and ” my angel” (as he will be the light of my life for as long as I live)I know for a fact that Cade was conceived especially for me.

It’s been just over a month that he has been with me and I cannot picture my life without him, it is as if he has been a part of my life and our family longer than what he physically has been.O boy, my heart melts every time he looks at me with his million dollar smile, all I do is hold him tight and say a little prayer of thanks to Procare and God for answering my prayer’s.

His such a special boy and I’m truly a proud mom 🙂

Match made in heaven


One thought on “Match made in heaven

  1. You a beautiful Mom heart and Cade is the luckiest little boy to have found you. God truly has a plan for each one of us and the two of you were always part of His perfect plan


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