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Waiting for “the call” ….

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We are Adrian and Alta , and we have come to the believe that having an adopted baby is a greater blessing than having our own. So we started our screening process for adoption in November 2014 last year and we must say, It was a positve process and everything happened to a schelduled timeframe.  We were really concerned it would take forever, but to our surprise it all went so quick. We were approved 2 March 2015, and now we are in the waiting phase and cannot wait for our little bundle of joy.

Thank you PROCARE for a positive screening process we are trusting to get the “call” soon.

Waiting for the call


One thought on “Waiting for “the call” ….

  1. Great guys! it is worth the wait. Our little bundle of joy is 10 month old and I will do it again in a heartbeat. Good luck and I am sure you little one will be with you soon.


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