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Having a Blast

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We are having a blast…

To everyone at PROCARE

We have been meaning to write for a while now, but in between work and our growing little boy, it’s been hard to find time!

Now Zakai is 1! We just can’t believe how the time flies and how much he has changed in the 7 months we have been blessed with him in our lives! He is such a shining light that brightens up our whole world! It’s hard to describe just how amazing a gift he is to us!

We had a big dinosaur themed party (since he so loves to roar!) to celebrate his birthday and then we had a special blessing and naming ceremony with the Priest who married us and with all our closest family who had travelled from Joburg, Zimbabwe and England for the event! Inger’s sister who is an illustrator made a book just for Zakai and we planted a Cape Chestnut tree in the garden which we hope one day he and his siblings will be able to climb.

He is quite good at walking now and is even zooming around at quite a pace! We have also been signing to him and he is even signing some words back to us which is so much fun – so far he has signed “Tree”, “Food/eat”, “listen” and “music” – these also happen to be some of his favourite things! …Oh how he loves to dance, and even hum along to his favourite tunes! … all in all we are having a blast!!

Lots of love to you all. We think of you often and are grateful to you all for bringing this amazing boy into our lives.

We have attached a few pics from the party and naming ceremony.

Lots of love

Inger, Linda and Zakai

Having a blast 2Having a blast 1


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