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azuraWhat a journey it has been,the emotions we both had from day one, but it was all worth it. We now have a daughter whom we love with all our heart. Nothing can prepare you for the day that you experience love from a child, when your baby knows you are her father, her caregiver.

Today Azura is 1 year old, born so small at only 1.2 kgs. Happy Birthday, Azura (Sky-blue). People with this name want to set their own pace in life without being governed by tradition. But everybody in hospital called her Thandi meaning “loved one”. She is our miracle baby. A gift from God. She is stubborn and tell us what she wants in no uncertain terms. She is always happy and smiling. Loving everyone back.

A huge thank you to PROCARE for helping us start our journey – our life together. Without your excellent approach and know-how, we would not have been here. We now have everything to live for…

From: Christo and Sky


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