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Its been 7 months since we brought our daughter home but it feels like we have been part of each other forever. She has changed and shifted every priority we have and all we want to do is provide the best for our little girl. Before we even made it through the orientation with PROCARE, my husband had a dream that we had a little girl with curly black hair. I always thought that was a sign we would fall pregnant with a daughter but that was not God’s plan. We completed orientation and while we  were still in the waiting my sister came to me (she did not know about the dream my husband had) and told me she had a dream that we had a little girl with curly black hair! Being the realist I am, I  just decided that its purely coincidence and I did not want to get my hopes up. What I did not tell anybody was that the name Isabella with all its beautiful meaning had been so laid upon my heart and i knew that it was what I would name my daughter should we ever have one. Forward a few months later and we got the call that changed our lives forever! And yes, it was a girl! And she had curly black hair and we named her Isabella.

Forward to today and our  little girl is the most joyful, busy, playful, curious and eager little person. She has a big personality and loves to do things in her own way and on her own terms. It can be frustrating at times but we love her independent spirit and desire to be apart of anything going on around her. She can crawl backward, has two teeth and is the apple of her daddy’s eye._MG_1081

Thank you PROCARE for matching us so perfectly to this blessing, she has buried herself so deeply into all out hearts and its an amazing feeling to be her mother. We also want to thank our wonderful Kanga parents who are the most amazing and caring people and then finally to our brave birth mother who choose us to raise this gorgeous little girl – thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We look forward to working with you again for number two (wink wink).

All our love

Candice, Timothy and Isabella



  1. Wow beautiful story! Beautiful blessing


  2. What a beautiful story…..


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