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placement dayToday was by far the most emotionally draining since we started the process. Meeting our little girl’s birthmother was truly a spiritual experience. It was reassuring to see how certain she was that she made the right decision. Our Kangaroo mom is an angel and we will forever be thankful for the love and care she has given our baby while taking care of her.

We couldn’t have been in better hands than with PROCARE. From beginning to end we felt superbly looked after with care, consideration, respect, acceptance and professional advice for which we will always be grateful. Leaving court with her today was unreal. We still have to pinch ourselves expecting to wake up from a dream.

Our little girl has been very patient with us on our first day. Although she just joined our family, she is already very much loved. Thank you to you all for this wonderful blessing! We believe it is a match made in heaven.

Much love,

Pieter & Ashraf


One thought on “PLACEMENT DAY

  1. Wow!!! This is just the most special photo ever. We are a same sex marriage embarking on the journey to find our little one and this photo is pure inspiration and motivation. Yay yay yay for love in unexpected places. If you are based in jhb we would love to meet you. Emily


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