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20150214_203044 - Copy“Infertility” is rarely spoken about in families.  After having gone through fertility treatments with our first child we decided that it was time for an addition to the family.  Adoption was unknown territory but once we prayed about our decision we just new that our path had been set out for us.

The team at PROCARE really prepared us for the process and we felt very comfortable to ask all the nagging questions.  The paperwork was a loadfull, but the worst thing was the waiting.  We thought that after we were approved everything would just happen and we would have our baby.  Months went by, Christmas and New Year came and still nothing. I was in an emotional turmoil.

When the phone call finally came that there was a baby boy for us I felt immense    peace and just cried for about a day.  From that day there was no doubts, he was ours.

From the time his kangaroo mom (who together with her family are absolute angels) placed him in my arms he just felt right. That was where he belonged.

To our kangaroo family – may you forever be blessed in the selfless work that you do.  Our baby will know that he had a family that loved and cared for him from his first day on earth until he was placed with his forever family.

Our little one thoroughly enjoys his big brother. This is evident in the way his face lights up when brother comes home from school.  His excitement can be heard in the screams and arms and feet waving and poor big brother has received a few unintended smacks and kicks, much drooling and chewing brother’s face and fingers to relieve the aching gums.

I am at peace, it is well with my soul.


One thought on “GIFTS FROM GOD

  1. an amazing heart rendering account, brings tears to my soul… I am immensely proud… This angel was born to another, but was all along meant to be ours xoxoxoxoxox


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