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Like many couples before us, we went through fertility treatments. The one after the other, and nothing worked.  Greatest Blessing

A few years back we made the decision to adopt. We were told that it is not possible, too difficult etc. and almost gave up. Then we decided to try one last time and contacted PROCARE as a last resort.  The screening process was thorough, but we completely understood why this had to happen. We knew exactly what steps we had to follow, and when we had questions, they were more that willing to assist.  We were approved as adoptive parents and then just had to wait …

The waiting game was the toughest of the whole process.

We didn’t wait as long as we thought we would.  The entire time we had a feeling that something is happening that we are not aware of.  And then we got that call.  We had been matched with a beautiful baby boy.  Even before we saw pictures of him we knew that he was ours.

He had a wonderful kangaroo mother, and we are forever grateful to her and her family for keeping our little man safe for the first two months.

He is 1 year old now.  He is such a blessing, he is the centre of our universe and he continues to steal hearts wherever he goes.  When he sees a stranger that looks unhappy, he keeps looking that person in the eye, even if it takes 3 minutes (I have never seen it take longer), until he gets a reaction out of that person.  Then he gives a huge smile, and most of the time, he gets an even bigger smile back.

We love our little boy to bits, and are already thinking that he maybe needs a little sister to play with…


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