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Happy 1st Birthday!

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one yearHappy 1st Birthday to our little blessing Ava!  We couldn’t be two more proud parents!  Even after the years of battling with infertility, it feels like another life time and the journey was well worth it to get to have Ava in our lives.

Our determined, happy little girl warms hearts daily.  She toddles around the house unpacking every draw or cupboard she can get her hands, loving every minute. But best I keep the toilet paper and cat food well out of her reach as she squeals with excitement and moves at a fast pace, giggling like crazy, to beat me to it! A complete game, such a sweetie pie!

We will be forever grateful for being blessed with Ava and our hearts are with her birth parents, especially at this time. Thanks so much again to PROCARE who kept our spirits up during the wait and to the most special kangaroo mom ever and her wonderful family for caring for Ava before lovingly handing her over to us.

If you are reading this and waiting for your little miracle, hang in there! Soon he/she will be in your life  and the wait will be a distant memory.

Lots of love

Pierre & Anna


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