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Mommy, I am Here…

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a1851350c708cc06143f74fc5ef0f504The past two weeks have been very overwhelming, from getting the call to holding our Angel in my arms.

We have named him Samuel Caleb,  meaning ‘Asked for, from God’  because he truly is a blessing and is the perfect start to our long awaited family. He is bubbly,  friendly and smiles with everyone. His infectious smile lights up every room in your heart and really makes me thankful to PROCARE because the hurt I was feeling after infertility and the heart ache has just disappeared. It’s like God said:  “Your Angel has arrived, handle with care.”

The best part is he is sweet, and when I get emotional because it still feels unreal, I look at him and he just smiles as if to reassure me : ‘Mommy I’m here and I’m all yours”.

We are cherishing every moment, every hug, kiss and smile. Our hearts are over flowing and we could not have asked for a greater blessing. He truly was worth the wait.

Lots of love,  Sebrina and Gavin


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