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Happy Birthday Poppie

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IMG-20150909-00771Our Poppie recently turned 2 years old and  don’t know who was more excited…Boeta or her?

Thank you again, PROCARE for making us a family. Words still cannot explain how our world has changed – forever…2241

 You know, I’ve heard this saying often but could not imagine it: “You never know the true meaning of love until you lost a loved one”. Well,  I know now that it should rather be: “You never know love until you have children”  and especially special kids likes ours!

Ismail and Nabu


One thought on “Happy Birthday Poppie

  1. Happy Birthday Poppie, You are a star ****** . I too love children so much and after i had one child early this year , started to realise that children really love to be loved. I am looking foward to adopt 1 baby mmmmmmmmhhhh lots of Love


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