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“Personally, the experience of adopting one of our sons was one of the most enriching and important decisions of my life, and now we are waiting to adopt our second daughter. While many people have stated that adoption has crossed their minds, often there is a gap between the thinking and the doing. When it comes to planning a family, sometimes we overanalyze the pros and cons, dismissing or delaying the decision to adopt due to a number of reasons or unknowns.

Here are 10 reasons why adoption may be right for your family:

1. Adoption may be your calling: It’s possible you’re great with kids because that’s what you’re supposed to be doing. Adoption just might be your life’s work.

2. Your current children would make wonderful adoptive siblings: Are your children ready to share, and nurture, and love unconditionally? Maybe it’s as much their calling as yours…

3. Maybe you were adopted as a child – or not: Were you the recipient of chosen love? Did you spend years shuffled from foster home to foster home just crying out for a permanent family but were disappointed? Did you know an adopted or fostered child and your heart has always yearned to set things right for one more child

4. Simple market economics: You have a skill and a passion – loving children. “Orphaned” kids have a need – parents willing to commit. Let’s get the two of you together.


5. Unity in giving: People who are generous always report satisfaction and joy. Adoption is an ongoing act of family generosity. It may be just what the doctor ordered for your family dynamic.

6. Sense of purpose: It may be that you are floundering when it comes to answering the question: “What are we about as a family?” Adoption can help answer that question and provide a new focus that revolves around something other than material pursuits.

7. Resources: You may be blessed with wealth that would be a crime not to use. Love, room in your home, financial stability, extra time, strength and patience – any combination of these elements might make your home the right place for an adopted child.

8. You may have specific skills in child development: Do you have experience with special needs children? Does your heart go out to kids with problems? Your family may be the right place for a child facing difficult struggles.

9. Filling the void: Maybe your children are grown, or almost, yet you still have the desire to make a difference in a child’s life. Adoption may be the answer.FB_IMG_1446443711122

10. You’re ready to start a family, but pregnancy just doesn’t seem like an option: Maybe you’ve discussed the situation with fertility specialists and you’re wondering if the path they recommend is the right investment.


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